Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Oirat Mongols of China

So the last blog I named it discouraged,  funny how when i get discouraged God shows up and my discouragement disappears.  That has happened once more.  I heard from several different people today from the IMB and I think we have found our people group. 
**** I need to insert a disclaimer here, this is the group that Kay, Abby and myself will be praying for and studying and learning their language, I am not saying that this is the unreached people group for church.  Church has not picked an unreached people group at this time. ****
Now to tell you what is going on:
When we looked at the unreached & unengaged people groups in the country of Mongolia all them have changed from red to green.  That means that as of today the country of Mongolia has moved up above 5%. While God is still leading us to the Mongol people it is not necessarily in the country of Mongolia. When i read the e-mails from  Karl Pearson and thinking about the Torgut of China, the group they were witnessing to in 2006 - 2008, I found out that no one is activly working with the group today.  The Torgut are classified as 100% Tibeatan Buddhist.  The evangelism effort is 0.00% Christianity is 0.00%.  The number of Torgut in China is 253,215.  The population worldwide is 424,251.  Over 400,000 people that do not know Jesus as their savior.  What are we going to do? It is our responsibility to tell them.
I got in touch with the IMB East Asia Affinity group and they are going to set us up for training stateside and in country.  We are going to take the next step and EMBRACE the Torgut.  We are going to do whatever is necessary to tell them about Jesus. 
Continue to pray for us as we follow God's will and start the next steps in our journey.

Telling the Untold,
Doyle, Kay and Abby

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