Monday, April 30, 2012

Hey everyone hope all is well.  My heart is heavy and has been for several days.
We have been researching the Oriat people and really feel God is leading us to this Mongolian unreached and unengaged people group.  There are close to 200,000 of these people dying and going to hell and here we sit in our comfortable air conditioned houses eating good meals every day ignoring these people that need to meet our savior.
 Here is what i see as the problem with our thoughts and behaviors:
1. Do we care that these people do not know Jesus?
2. We are too comfortable in the fact that our families are saved so we don't care that the Oriat people don't know our savior. 
3. When we pray for this lost people group and the alter was not full of people praying for them, is God happy with us?
4. We are consumed with accumulating more cars, houses, buildings, power, that we don't care enough about lost people. 

These are 4 things that Iwill hold us back if we don't overcome them and turn everything over to God and forget about how comfortable we are and start searching for God's direction.  I am getting tired of the lack of caring for a lost and dying world WE NEED TO ACT NOW WE CANNOT WAIT.  God gave the command where are the followers?  God will not allow us to sit comfortable by while the world around us does not know Him.  God will change us one way or the other.  I can tell you all about it I am reminded everyday when I look at my hand and am reminded that I was not following Him for years.  Don't let God get your attention the hard way pay attention now and let's go tell the world about our Lord and Savior!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Oirat Mongols of China

So the last blog I named it discouraged,  funny how when i get discouraged God shows up and my discouragement disappears.  That has happened once more.  I heard from several different people today from the IMB and I think we have found our people group. 
**** I need to insert a disclaimer here, this is the group that Kay, Abby and myself will be praying for and studying and learning their language, I am not saying that this is the unreached people group for church.  Church has not picked an unreached people group at this time. ****
Now to tell you what is going on:
When we looked at the unreached & unengaged people groups in the country of Mongolia all them have changed from red to green.  That means that as of today the country of Mongolia has moved up above 5%. While God is still leading us to the Mongol people it is not necessarily in the country of Mongolia. When i read the e-mails from  Karl Pearson and thinking about the Torgut of China, the group they were witnessing to in 2006 - 2008, I found out that no one is activly working with the group today.  The Torgut are classified as 100% Tibeatan Buddhist.  The evangelism effort is 0.00% Christianity is 0.00%.  The number of Torgut in China is 253,215.  The population worldwide is 424,251.  Over 400,000 people that do not know Jesus as their savior.  What are we going to do? It is our responsibility to tell them.
I got in touch with the IMB East Asia Affinity group and they are going to set us up for training stateside and in country.  We are going to take the next step and EMBRACE the Torgut.  We are going to do whatever is necessary to tell them about Jesus. 
Continue to pray for us as we follow God's will and start the next steps in our journey.

Telling the Untold,
Doyle, Kay and Abby

Monday, April 9, 2012


I know it's been a long time since i have posted anything but life has been so busy thank goodness it has slowed down a bit.  School is done, not just the semester but really done I will receive my B.A. diploma May 5th.  It has been a long couple of years on all three of us but time has flown by.  I do have the opportunity to work on my masters but not too sure I will because of the time it will take away from home and church and missions.  I have been a little discouraged with the lack of action and the fact that nothing seems to be happening.  The people who seemed so excited months ago don't appear to have the same desire we do. We still have an overwhelming desire to go and serve the Mongolian people.  We have found out the largest population of Mongolian people in the US are in Denver, Colorado.  There are around 3600 Mongols there.  We have also been introduced to a missionary family that lives in England reaching the Mongol people there.  It is hard to wait but we know that if we get ahead of God things will not work like they are suppose to.  SO WE WAIT.
We really hate that no one joined us for secret church Friday evening  it was so good as usual, it's hard to believe that 7 hours passes so quickly when David Platt is teaching.  I hope the next one will be at our church and a large group will join in and enjoy it as much as we do. 
Please continue to pray for us as we wait on the Lord to open doors and lead us where we need to go and when.  We are praying for God's direction for us, we are not sure what's going to happen in the future but we do know we will do whatever He tells us to do.