Sunday, August 11, 2013

Summer 2013

I know its been a while since i have posted anything but I'm going to get back to being a regular blogger.  This way I can keep a journal of the good times and bad times in our journey "to the other side of the world". 
    I ask Abby the other day if she was ready to go back to school summer was over.  I asked her if it was a good summer and she looked disappointed and said it was not the best summer she has had.  This made me start thinking about the past few months and I came to the same conclusion it has not been the best summer I have had either.  I'll tell you a few things that made it a not so good summer.
    Most everyone knows that we returned from east Asia the end of March and we were sky high once again 24 new family members while we were there  and we met some really cool family members and got to spend time with our really good friends and learned lots from other family members there.  We came home with a renewed desire to follow the Father no matter where He wanted us to go and we know where it is.  (just ask one of us and we can tell you and explain where it is)  So, you may be asking why this was not the best summer ever.  My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after we got home and has had 2 surgeries and is in currently in radiation therapy for 6 more weeks.  I am very close to my mom and this really has worried me because I am not ready for anything bad to happen.  The good news right now the cancer was removed and she will be fine after radiation.
    The second blow happened the 3rd week of April and it was our big rejection from the International Mission Board  this we expected but it was still difficult to see it in writing.  I have to thank a very good friend who stayed on me to finish the very long and difficult application, it was 12 pages when I printed it out.  Kay and I both had to fill one out knowing that when it was reviewed they never make it past the first page.  Believe it or not I have not been perfect when I was younger and made some poor decisions that the Father has forgiven me of.  I have been divorced more than once and that is an automatic rejection, but we were convinced by a couple of people we should just try anyway.  This was very disappointing to us in our journey.
    In May I was laid off from my job I knew the company was not doing as well as it needed but i honestly thought I was safe for the time being, how wrong was I it was a total surprise and it really rocked our world.  This was our primary source of income and all our insurance was through them.  I cannot even begin to tell you how bad this was for our family.  So the third blow for the summer came. The good news was that when we knew the Father was leading us to east Asia we saved a little bit for a return trip in October 2013, this was supposed to be the trip we took Abby to see her future home away from East Tennessee.  Very disappointing for Kay and myself not being able to take Abby this year. Abby is very disappointed too she hasn't come out and said it but she quit asking a few weeks ago and it breaks my heart.
   I have found a new job working at Wal-Mart in Sweetwater as the claims supervisor but the pay is less than half what I was making at my old job.  I had an interview at a company in Maryville that also has facilities in east Asia we thought that was the one that would get us there 2 interviews and both went very well I was not the chosen candidate, they will keep my information on file it was nice meeting you good bye.  Blow number 4.
   The 4 blows above all happened from April till June.  A person that does not know the Son as their savior and provider might just want to throw in the towel and quit.  Ever since we told the Father we are all yours and our family is all yours wherever and whatever you desire will be our desire the opposition and trials have almost been non stop.
     BUT I WANT TO REASSURE YOU THE FATHER IS IN CONTROL AND EVERYTHING IS IN HIS TIME AND HIS PLAN NOT MINE. My faith in people has been tested and tried but my faith in the Father is stronger with every trial that comes our way.  I don't want to leave you feeling bad or sorry for us, the Father is in control of our lives and we are waiting for the next move He is working out.  We belong to Him and whatever He allows us to go through is strengthening us for the rest of His plans.  If you do not know the Son and would be lost if these things happened to you I would love to talk to you more and share the peace and security that the Son provides His children.  I hope to hear from you soon.