Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I was listening to Brad Bessent who is a pastor at a church in South Carolina this week.  He was preaching on praying and fasting from a sermon series from last July 2011.  I have never fasted before and when he challenged his church to a 40 day prayer and fasting time I was getting interested in it.  The challenge was to do the following things for the next 40 days:
1. Pray for 60 seconds every hour.  (he suggested setting an alarm on the hour)
2. Pray for 60 minutes straight at least once a week. (not 60 minutes during the week but at one time)
3. Do something nice for someone else for at least 60 seconds an hour.
4. Fast from something on a consistent basis for the entire time period.  He gave a few examples like one day a week he drank nothing but water the entire day or add fruit and nuts,  he said some gave up all sweet/sugar items, basically it should be something you think you can't live without, not like brussell sprouts or something.
5. Witness to at least one lost person during the period.
I think this would be hard to do but I am going to try it for the month of February.  I want to challenge anyone who reads this to join in and see what happens when we follow and concentrate on God for an entire month.
I have been looking at the weather in Mongolia and man is it cold there.  There is going to be a heat wave Thursday it's going to be -9 (yes that's minus 9) that's the warmest day in 2 weeks.  the lows are   -40's (yes that's another minus) not sure what you would wear in that weather let alone sleep in a Ger.  Google Mongolian Ger and you can see one, it's a fancy tent.  I can hardly wait to go and tell the Mongolians about Jesus.  Continue to pray for the people and us as we continue to work towards going in August.  I will have enough vacation saved up by August to take 2 weeks off and they said it was not a problem, so good news there.  Things just keep lining up and working out so far to go.

Doyle, Kay & Abby

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Random Thoughts...

It was difficult to talk at church in the second service I felt like i was so random and had trouble getting everything right.  God is so good to us everyday.  I am still praying that God will open doors for a trip this year.  In the meantime several things are going on...Friday January 27, 2012 Grace and Mercy ministries will be serving lunch in Athens at 11:30, our Sunday School class helps Women at the Well with this lunch.  March 31 we will be going to Western Heights Baptist Center to help with their Easter celebration.  We are still looking for more opportunities to witness to people and will continue searching out God's will. 
The temperature in Mongolia right now is negative 36 degrees, like 36 degrees below zero.  Can you imagine living in a Ger and being that cold.  Think about this tomorrow when you are outside.  You can google a "Mongolian Ger" and see a picture of what they live in.  I don't remember Alaska being that cold when I lived there. 
Dad came home from the hospital today and is doing very well he even walked up and down the road this afternoon.  Praise the Lord he is doing so good. 
Well enough of the rambling for now.  The next blog will be all about Mongolia keep watching for it.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Today was a very busy day at work.  I was debating on writing tonight or not because i was tired and wanted to veg out but writing won out, american idol is not that interesting so far even though I really do like Steven Tyler he is so funny, I'm a big Aerosmith fan.   Oh well on to the important stuff.....
I find myself wondering what it is going to be like to step off the plane in Mongolia.  I wonder what it's going to smell like.  I wonder what the people I will meet and witness to are going to say.  I wonder what their names are.  I wonder how hard it is going to be to learn to speak Mongolian.  I am wondering what things God has in store for us.  I was reading a newsletter today from Bro. Gary Frey in San Antonio and he said we need revival not just in church but in my life, my family, my church and in everything.  I was thinking about that and I think that is what is happening in our family.
I am speaking at church Sunday morning and am a little worried, speaking in front of people is not a problem I just can't tell all that God is doing without crying.  I want everyone to see the desire God has placed in me for the people of Mongolia, not just remember that I cried for a few minutes.
Please pray for us everyday as we continue to seek God and follow Him also pray for the people of Mongolia.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Where you send me......

Well I can say today that God has showed me where I am suppose to go and tell people about him.  I know anyone who is reading this will not believe it when I say this because I can hardly believe it myself.  I told a friend today and he was just as excited as I am.  God is leading us to the people of Mongolia.  There are approximately 3 million lost people in this country.  I know some will say there are lost people right here or there are lost people closer to here than Mongolia.  Both statements are true and I want to ask a question: Are you telling them?  Acts 1:8 tells us as Christians that we are supposed to be witnesses everywhere we go and at all times.  Why is it so difficult to tell people we see everyday about Jesus?  I think it is because we do not live as Christians every day. 
I met Jack Roach yesterday and he is such passionate Christian and has such a desire for lost people.  I was so excited after hearing  him talk (and I mean hearing, he can talk a lot)  about the people of Mongolia and I could see his love and passion to win them to Christ.  I don't think I have ever met anyone from Mongolia in my life and to be honest I think Jack was the first person I have ever met that has been there.  This is the part I can't understand, outside of God, why would God put the people of Mongolia on my heart?  I cannot answer that question only God knows why.  The more I read and study about them I love the people of Mongolia and I want them to know my Savior Jesus Christ.  Jack has a ministry called M.O.R.E. ministries please go to his website and read about it.  www.moreministries.net.  I am praying for God's direction and would like to ask everyone to pray for us daily and constantly for God's direction.  The next trip Jack's ministry has scheduled is August 4 - 18.  We are praying and asking God if it is time for my first trip, and if it is God will certainly have to provide. 
I was so proud of Kay this morning giving her testimony during the 11 o'clock game at Upward she did such a wonderful job couldn't tell she wasn't a natural at it.  God has blessed me with a precious helpmate I couldn't do everything without her beside me. Pastor Wayne has asked me to share with the church what God is doing with us next Sunday.  I hope that my church family can catch the desire and passion I have for the people of Mongolia and the rest of the lost around the world.
Keep my dad in your prayers he is scheduled for surgery Friday the 20th for his colon cancer, please pray that the Dr's get it all and he will be cancer free.  The bad thing is that he is having a lot of pain in his knee and he has trouble walking sometimes. Due to the importance of having the colon cancer removed, he has to wait a couple of months before he can have his knee replacement surgery. 
Thanks for reading about our journey.

Love in Christ,
Doyle, Kay & Abby

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Challenges of life

We have been looking at the map of unreached people groups and we think we have narrowed our search to three countries we (Kay and I) are going to pray about and see if we get a direction from God.  Here is the list in no specific order Mongolia, Nepal and Finland all three are UPG's.  It's scary to think that God is actually telling us that we need to go witness to the people in one of these countries.  I figured out why these are UPG's plane fair for two is $5,000 and that just gets us to the airport. The key here is if it is something God is sending us on then the finances will be provided, we are waiting on God's directions. I have learned from Brother Gary Frey that God will provide in his time not mine  I would love to be able to go tomorrow but that will come in time.
Kay's friend is serving in western heights community in Knoxville we are going to see what kind of help they need and go serve there some.  We are also going to look into doing some servant evangelism with the Appalachian regional ministry in the near future.  I'll keep everyone posted with the times and results.
On a personal note, we desire your prayers for my dad and our family the next few weeks.  He had a colonoscopy and they found a spot of cancer.  He is going to see a surgeon January 17th.  Please pray that they can remove all of it and be cancer free after the surgery.  My dad has been the steady rock of our family and we love him and not really ready to face anything like this.  Good news if there is any, the doctor told them it was caught very early and should be able to be treated. 
Our family has set three goals for this year and we are doing good even though it's only Jan. 5th.  1. Read the bible through 2. Do as many mission things as possible even small things 3. Pay as much debt off as possible this even means not getting pizza for dinner even when we want it bad. 
Please pray for us as we continue in our missions journey and especially for our family the next few weeks.

Telling the untold,
Doyle, Kay & Abby

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year

Happy new year it's 2012 and time for a new start.  We can have the best year we want by giving God three simple things.  1. Love God with all our heart  2. Walk in all Gods ways  3. Hold fast to God. 
What would our year be like if we actually lived like this for 365 days?  We have been praying and searching out God's will for our family, we are certain that God is leading us into missions/evangelism.  We are taking this new year to prepare ourselves both spiritually, physically, and financially in order to be ready to go where God sends us. 
Doyle, Kay & Abby