Friday, February 24, 2012

Mission Conference/Update

I know it's been a little while since i wrote anything so here's the catch up info.  We spent 3 days at First Baptist Church in Trussville, Alabama at the IMB Missions Forum 2012 East.  It was so much fun to hear all the speakers and attend the breakout sessions we learned so much.  We got to hear Bro. Brad Bessent and what his church is currently doing and how they stay focused on serving God.  He told me that we need to do everything we do for the glory of God.  The things we say the things we do those we witness to and those we tell about it: everything has to be for the glory of God. This made perfect sense to us and we are doing that.  There was around 250 people there  this week from the IMB and missionaries of all kinds from volunteers to retired missionaries and people just getting home from places.  We met the southeast asian affinity group strategist he attends First Baptist Church Concord in Knoxville and they have a couple that has been to Mongolia and he is going to introduce us to them soon, we are excited to meet and talk to them about what they saw and what they did.  We are still waiting to hear from the missionaries that are currently in the field  please pray for R. and L. as they serve the Lord in another country we can't wait to hear from them. We are still planning a trip this year to Mongolia not to sure if it will be both of us or just me please pray for God's direction and guidance concerning this. We also got to hear Bro. David Platt speak and it was so good we really enjoy listening to him speak if you have never heard him you can find lots of sermons on several different topics here theres lots of things here that are very good.  The next secret church is April 6 let me know if you want to attend we will be going somewhere to a simulcast event. 
Thank you for praying for my dad during his colon cancer scare the doctor has given him a clean bill of health they were able to remove the spot of cancer and he is good as new now.  The next thing is the knee replacement scheduled for March 18 so keep him in your prayers.  We appreciate all the thoughts and prayers as we continue to follow God as he leads us to the people of Mongolia we desire your prayers for us everyday.

Telling the untold
Doyle, Kay and Abby

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